Why do you have a minimum charter booking time of 3 Hours?  I only need the trolley for an hour or two max to pick my wedding party up and take them to the reception.

We have a very limited number of trolleys for charters, so a small one or two hour booking is really not worth the trouble of getting the trolley cleaned and scheduling a driver.  Additionally, any booking, however, short, typically means that trolley is not available for generating revenue again that day as it is likely that anyone else desiring it for a much longer period would have wanted it at the same time as the shorter booking.

Do your enclosed trolleys have Air Conditioning?

Yes, our fully enclosed trolleys have dual zone air conditioning so even in those dog days of summer, your guest will be cool as cucumbers!

Does my charter include a driver?

Yes, of course. We provide an experienced driver with every charter. Also, all of our drivers have spotless driving records, and have over two years commercial driving experience.

Can I split my charter time so that when I am not using the trolley, I am not paying for it? For example, if I charter the trolley for a total of 4 hours, can I use it from 5 pm to 7 pm to drop my group off at an event and then have it pick us up at 10 pm to midnight.

No. Splitting up the trolley time like this is not allowed. Charter times are based on continuous running time. In the example, you would charter the trolley for a total of 7 hours (5pm to midnight).

Why can’t I split the time. It’s not fair to charge me for time I’m not actually using the trolley.

While you are technically correct the trolley might not be being used to transport you and your guests for some portion of your reserved time, our trolley is still specifically reserved for your exclusive use during this time. We can’t realistically use this trolley for other jobs during this down time now can we? And further, we still have to have your driver there with the trolley who is there throughout and is being paid continuously the the entire time, whether you are actually using him and the trolley or not.

If I can’t split my time, can you at least give me a discount for the time periods I’m not actually using the trolley? If the trolley and driver are just sitting and waiting, it doesn’t seem right to pay the full hourly rate?

No, the trolley is at your full disposal for the entire period of your reservation. It would be too difficult to manage and control periods of actual use and non use of the trolley during your charter.

Can I decorate the trolley myself for my wedding charter?


Can I have access to my trolley in advance of my reservation so I can have time to decorate it before my time starts.

While we will provide you access to your trolley for decorating; the decorating time you need counts toward your reservation time. As such, if you want two hours to decorative your trolley, please ensure you have reserved your trolley with an additional two hours to accommodate this.

 So can I have the trolley taken to a place of my choosing to decorate it?

Sure. Just understand that your charter time begins at the time the trolley and driver arrive at the decorating location.

Can I also get a tour guide for my trolley?

Certainly, we can offer a professional tour guide for your trolley for an additional $30 per hour per trolley.

Should I tip my charter driver?

If you are happy with the service that your driver has provided you on your charter, the drivers would very much appreciate your expression of gratitude by tipping them?

If I chose to tip my driver, what amount of tip is customary?

While the tip amount is your own personal choice, a tip of from 10 to 20 dollars per hour is customary. Again, the choice is your own.

Can my party bring food and beverages on board our trolley? Can we bring our own alcohol and drink it onboard?

Yes, all private charters allow for the renting party to bring their own food and beverages. This includes the ability to bring and consume alcoholic beverages onboard. Please remember, you will be required to sign a contract assuming responsibility for the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages onboard your chartered trolley. Also, you are expected to obey the instructions of the driver and any unruly or dangerous behavior by any passengers will not be tolerated. Failure to maintain civil decorum during your charter will result in early termination of your charter and possibly result in law enforcement being called.

What if I go over my allotted charter time period by an hour or more?

Each hour of overage will be charged retroactively at the highest hourly rate. Our drivers will warn you when your time is about to expire and get your approval before extending at this rate.

Why do you charge me at the highest hourly rate if I need to extend my use of he trolley? This seems excessive when my original rate when I reserved the trolley works out to much less than that? That is really unfair!

Many people try to book for a very minimal time period simply to save money. Please remember, when you book the trolley for a charter, in most cases, that trolley is taken completely out of the revenue base for the entire day, no mater how few hours you book it for. People know this and as such try to book for only two hours knowing they can probably get the use of it for more hours later if they need to after the charter has started. This, of course is bad for us. As such, we have to make it costly for the customer to game the system by under-booking their trolley use and then adding hours later after their charter has started. Please make sure you, from the beginning, reserve the trolley for a sufficient length of time to meet your needs so you don’t end up paying a top hourly rate later when you realize you need it longer.

If I am not sure how many hours I will need for a charter, can I book for the minimum number of hours and then change it to add more hours before the day of my charter?

We request that you refrain from booking online until you are sure you know the proper number of hours you will need the trolley. It is not fair to take the trolley away from others’ ability to book it for that same day if you plan to change your mind later.

With that said, you have the ability to change your reservation up to three weeks before the reservation.

Can I cancel my reservation and get a full refund of my reservation at anytime?

Since you reservation commits that trolley for your charter, thereby preventing us from renting it to others,there is a $150.00 non-refundable deposit.

Why does the open air trolley cost more per hour that the enclosed trolley?

The open air trolley is larger, holds more passengers, and cost more to operate than the enclosed trolleys.

If I rent an open air trolley, what happens if on the day of my charter it rains? Can I get my money back? Can I exchange it for an enclosed trolley at the lower rate?

Unfortunately, when you rent the open air trolley, you assume the risk regarding the weather on your charter day. We can still operate your open air trolley even in inclement weather. We can install clear rain curtains on the sides to keep rain out. However, we do not offer discounts or refunds for open air trolley rentals due to bad weather. Sorry.


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